Build a showcase for your catalogue

e92 is a feature rich content management system. It comes with a range of fully responsive templates to get you started quickly and run on mobiles, tablets, laptops and PCs. 

With e92, you can structure your catalogue as you want, build playlists and create packages of playlists and catalogue items.

Dictate the look, feel and functionality of your showcase to ensure it reflects your brand and requirements.

Control the look and feel of your showcase

Ensure that your showcase and user interface reflects your brand with our responsive and customizable templates.

Use genres and packages to group and structure the catalogue items that are displayed to your subscribers. Tailor different parts of the showcase to meet your branding requirements.

Customize the functionality of your showcase based on your unique workflows. Use packages to group items together and make them available to subscribers through a variety of subscription models.

You can make your showcase totally or partially private using the subscription models.

Access your catalogue from any device or location

Optimise your showcase for desktop, mobile and tablet users through standard templates and highly customised web branding, allowing subscribers to access your catalogue from any device or location.

Manage content from the showcase

Control all content on your showcase, including metadata and tags for catalogue items, news and articles for purchase from the content portal that comes with e92.

Track traffic, subscriber usage and behaviour with an integrated Google Analytics account.

Plug into the tools you already use

If you have your own subscriber management system, you can link it into your e92 showcase through a “connector”.

We have connectors to third party software services and you can make connectors for direct access to your own systems.

Visually manage integrations with ease, with no custom programming required.

Go the extra mile and customise

Work with us to bring your ideas to life, either through one or our partners or with our own skilled team.

Add custom functionality to your system to support your unique business goals.

Creating a showcase is easy

The showcase is built with a content management system from Microweber, which uses drag & drop technology, with real-time writing and text editing features.

Benefit from improved user experience, easier and quicker content management, highly appealing visual environment and flexibility.

Build an online shop

The content management system comes with an online store. All you need to do is upload your products and start selling.

The main features of the online shop are: payments, subscriber management, shipping, order status, order notification and custom fields.

Drag & drop editing

Drag any element anywhere on your showcase, online store or blog and just drop it to give your showcase the look and feel you desire. Drag & drop applies to all types of content; images, text fields, videos and a variety of modules and additional customization options.

Drag & drop saves a huge amount of time and makes creating your showcase an unmatched intuitive subscriber experience. Managing and rearranging content can be done in a matter of seconds.

Live editing

The real-time text writing and editing feature allows you to write, edit and overall manage your content in real time.

Going "live" means you can work on the website interface every time you wish to. Of course, there is an admin panel too, so you can switch between different views depending on your preference.

Use it like Google Docs in real time.

Online store builder

A full online store builder is included. Upload your products and manage orders, subscribers, and much more!

The store has built-in features that help you see your business grow and excel.

Creating your own online store is very easy. First, you need to choose a templates, then you are ready to add your products, set their prices and start selling and shipping them to your subscribers.

Professional templates

Select from a range of custom templates which match your preferences and branding.

Templates provide the ultimate freedom of expression. Some of them are free and others are paid. The important fact is that these templates let you craft your perfect vision of a site and stand out from the crowd.