e92 is a cloud service that allows you to manage, market, publish and monetize your music and video content.

Built for music and video publishers, e92 provides the tools to upload and manage your catalogue with the minimum of fuss.

You can build your subscriber base and interact directly with them.
Consign generic usage reports to the bin, and understand exactly how
your subscribers are viewing your content.

Building your showcase

Build your showcase and promote your catalogue the way you want.

e92 is a feature rich content management system. It comes with a range of fully responsive templates to get you started quickly and run on mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops.

With e92, you can structure your catalogue as you want, build playlists and create packages of playlists and catalogue items.

Manage your catalogue

e92 is a single point of contact for you to manage your catalogue. Upload items within your catalogue and manage the metadata and licencing for each item within the catalogue.

Bundle items within the catalogue to build playlists and virtual albums. Bundles can be free or paid for, either within a regular subscription or as a one-off purchase.

After the catalogue items have been tested and quality checked, you can "release" one or more items. After release, subscribers will be able to view and play the new items in the catalogue from your site.

Enhanced metadata tagging

Add your own metadata tags to items within the catalogue to improve search and licensing queries.

In a music video you could tag locations, performers, lyrics or notes about what inspired you. Subscribers can search using the tags, so if they are feeling upbeat they can find music to match their mood. If they remembered watching a music video with lapping water on a beach, they can find that as well.

You could also tag acknowledgements and licensing details from other artists.

Reach out to subscribers

The key feature of e92 is helping to engage subscribers with your content. From the moment they first visit your site, through all of their interactions with your catalogue, you can see what they are interested in, allowing you to push content that is relevant and of interest to them.

Use the message board so that subscribers can ask you questions. Why not ask them questions about what they like within the catalogue, or even run some polls and pitch new ideas.

You have full access to the metrics about subscribers and how they interact with the . This allows you to tweak pages, packages and playlists to help your subscribers get the most out of their visits.

Generating revenue

e92 helps you generate revenue from your content and the hard work you put in to create it.

Subscribers interact with the catalogue on your site on an ad-backed "freemium" basis. Start with free content that generates revenue through advertising.

When you understand your subscribers better, build up a set of subscription plans that give access to "premium" content, such as latest releases, playlists and access to your full catalogue.

You can also sell merchandise and tickets to events through your site.

The Benefits of e92

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