Enhanced metadata tagging

When catalogue items were uploaded, metadata was added that includes details such as the title, description, associated notes, genre, parental rating, images and links to other items in the catalogue.

Enhance catalogue items with advanced metadata tags

Advanced metadata tags can be added to items within the catalogue to improve search and licensing queries. In a music video you could tag locations, performers, lyrics, or notes about what inspired you. 

Tags can able be used to record data such as BPM, tempo, key, mode, mood, genre, similar tracks, etc. You could also tag acknowledgements and details of content licensed from other artists.

Adding tags is easy

A slider in the player is used to select the start end end points of the section to be tagged, then a description and labels to categorise the section being tagged can be added. 

There is no limit to the number of tags within an item, and tags can overlap. We provide a set of categorise to get you started, but you can add your own, as you know your content best.

Optimise search and discovery

Subscribers can search your showcase using the tags, so if they are feeling upbeat they can find music to match their mood. If they remembered watching a music video with lapping water on a beach, they can find that as well.