Reach out to your subscribers

The key feature of e92 is helping to engage subscribers with your content. 

From the moment subscribers first visit your showcase, through all of their interactions with your catalogue, you can see what they are interested in push content that is relevant and of likely interest to them. 

Use the message board so that subscribers can ask you questions. Why not ask them questions about what they like within the catalogue, or even run some polls and pitch new ideas.

You have full access to the metrics about subscribers and how they interact with the showcase. This allows you to tweak pages, packages and playlists to help subscriber get the most out of their visits.

Manage your subscribers

By default, there are 2 levels of access to catalogue items within your showcase; visitors and subscribers. You control what each group can access by assigning each level access to packages of catalogue items.

Visitors are people who have come to your showcase for the first time or who visit your showcase regularly, but have never subscribed. They may never have used e92 before, they may have been referred by another e92 publisher, or they may have found you by searching e92 for certain types of content.

When visitors land on your showcase and have been there a while, a pop-up will offer them the chance to register and become a subscriber. All they have to do is enter an email address and some basic information about themselves. They can also enter a referral code from another publisher or e92 partner.

Being a subscriber allows access to another level of content, that is controlled by you. In addition, you will be be able to communicate with them and track their usage of the showcase and the items within the catalogues. This means that you can tailor content to what subscribers are interacting with and make offers for related content or merchandise that is of relevance to them, based on their viewing habits.

The subscriber level is a subscription based service that has access to your premium content. The content, services and merchandise available to subscribers is controlled by you, as are the content packages that are made available.

Create and share playlists

Create custom playlists and “virtual” albums, and share them with subscribers. You have complete control over the access that visitors and subscribers have to your playlists through packages.

Refer other publishers

If you are part of a studio or affiliation of artists, you can refer them to visitors to your showcase, as well as subscribers to your showcase. References are done by issuing a referral code that can be redeemed on another publishers’ showcase

The publisher can then use this referral code to give special access to catalogue items or a limited subscription. It’s all up to you and your fellow publisher.

Monitor the success of your catalogue

The content portal allows you to see how long visitors stay on your showcase, the catalogue items they interact with, and how they interact with it. You can monitor conversion of visitors to subscriber status. 

For all users, you can measure engagement with individual catalogue items, playlists and genre. You can also track the length of time content was played, whether they skipped through sections, which sections were particularly highly viewed, repeat views, and much more.